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Better Shower Care

Usually my shower routine consists of a 5-minute mad splash of shampoo, soap and conditioner. Its usually very late at night or early in the morning and not relaxing nor ideal for watching remnants of my favourite wash gel running down the plug hole. Shower time should be enjoyed and used to beautify ourselves! Here are the best products to treat your body with while in the shower:

Better shower gel


In my 31 years of life I’ve never came across a shower gel that can beat L’Occitane’s Lavender Shower Gel. Its basically France’s lavender fields soaked up and put into a 250ml bottle. Don’t be fooled – its not Grandma’s perfume lavender, more like glamour lavender! Priced at the higher end of the market (£15) its maybe a one-off purchase for a holiday or special occasion but its definitely

worth every penny. Luscious foam washes over the skin leaving a light but lingering lavender fragrance that’ll stay with you hours after you’ve used it. Some shower gels can be more like washing-up liquid, but this is more of a natural substance with a heavenly scent.

Better exfoliator


Soap and Glory products have a cult following and have a huge presence in Boots stores for ladies for all ages. For me, their star product is Flake Away – it offers iron-steel strength exfoliation for gently brushing off those dead skin cells and unleashing a new dewy layer. Take some shea butter, almond oil, peach seed power, sea salt and mix it up with some sugar, Flake Away rivals the most premium exfoliators in the market. At a pocket money price of only £8.00, pick up a jar at your local Boots.

Better shampoo

We are in an era of straightening irons addictions and the side effects include dry, damaged, broken hair that has all its moisture and condition burnt out of it at over 200c. Its an epidemic and the cure lies in your haircare. Select a revitalising shampoo that will offer some much needed TLC – Ogx Macadamia Oil Shampoo has a intense nourishing formula created to leave your hair feeling clean, smooth and healthy. Only £6.99 for a 385ml bottle.

I’m going to be really dedicated this winter to conditioning my hair regularly with a good conditioner. Its important to keep it healthy looking and well looked when jack frost bites. So, I have recently bought Aussies Conditioner Miracle Moist from my local Superdrug store. Its made with real Australian Macadamia oil and claims to “infuse moisture into dry, damaged hair to leave it soft, smooth and conditioned”.  The smell is amazing, a bit like sun-lotion and you can immediately feel a difference after washing.

Better Moisturiser


Its easy to forget to apply a smothering of moisturiser on your skin after stepping out of the shower. I try to remember now, as I have been trying the renowned Palmers Coconut Butter (only £3.75 for a 250ml bottle). Its silky consistency glides easily across the skin and dries in fast. This miracle stuff leaves skin soft and silky even the next day – the chocolately fragrance is good enough to eat too!

So there you have it, simple products to add a little luxury and self-indulgence to your shower routine. Add some moisture and silkiness in your life and to your hair and skin for a radiant, dewy winter look this season.

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