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Better Skin Care: An Update

It’s coming up for party season and we all want our skin to look pimple free and fresh. But the winter weather, central heating and plunging temperatures can cause havoc on our skin. Act now! I visited my local Lush store last month and had a skin analysis and consultation with a really good skin care advisor. Here are a few tips from what I learned:

The first thing I do when I get home at night after work is take my make-up off – its been sitting on my skin all day and clogging up pores and acting as a barrier to natural moisture. So I discovered ‘ultrabland’ from Lush – did you know each product is handmade and they don’t test on animals? Ultrabland cleanser is simple yet effective. A clever combination of almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey, it will remove all traces of makeup and dirt. I just took a dab out of the pot and spread over my face – any dirt Based on an ancient Greek formula for cold cream, Ultrabland is a cute, simple but deliciously effective. Made with almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey, this cleanser removes all traces of dirt and makeup, without stripping away your skin’s natural defences. Smooth over the face, gently rub in and remove with a damp cloth or cotton wool.


I wanted to share my favourite Lush product with you – Magical Moringa! I can’t find anything that will beat it, and keep going back to using this little pot of joy after I’ve cheated with another brand for a few weeks. Ok, so its a tad pricey at £28, but its honestly worth it. Using essential oils such as argan oil, rose hip and moringa from Ghana this little pot of luxury acts as a 2-in-1, a primer and moisturiser in one! Its really easy to apply, just rub a dab between your fingers and it’ll magically transform to a voluptuous oil which will sink into your skin, leaving behind a velvety soft feeling. I found it works great for keeping my makeup foundation in place too.


This stuff could potentially give Starbucks a run for their money, but even if you are not a coffee lover this Cup O’Coffee face and body mask is the best in all over exfoliation. It’s great to use first thing in the morning for that much-needed wake up before the train journey to work. Spread over your face and body, working into the t-zone areas and leave on while you make breakfast. Gently wash off with warm water and you’ll be left feeling fresh and invigorated.


Its important to use a good exfoliating mitt or pad to cleanse the skin and eradicate dead skin cells and impurities. I found this hemp mitt at The Body Shop (only £7) and found that its really made a good difference to my skin! It’s ideal for quickly skimming over the skin while in the shower and leaves skin smooth and soft. It’s also made in Body Shop endorsed communities in Bangladesh and claims to help stimulate skin micro-circulation – a good investment all round!

If you are worried about your skin routine, don’t be give these products a good go for a few weeks and let your skin get used to their natural properties – remember to keep exfoliating too for healthy and fresh skin!

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