Better Body Care

You could always let a professional do the job and get a proper soothing massage. I’ve been able to get a good few deals on a massage in London which are great value and will leave your body and mind pampered, healthy and happy.

Best foot forward

You may not know much about foot reflexology but its actually becoming really popular as an alternative therapy. Its basically a relaxing treatment that looks at your body as a whole and aims to promote wellbeing by applying pressure to different areas of the feet. You’ll go through a quick consultation to discuss your medical history then you can lie back and switch off from life’s stresses for the 75 minute session. Your therapist will pick up on ailments elsewhere in the body from the pressure and response from your feet. Recent reviews have customers very excited about the response has had on their bodies, helping to lessen the symptoms of depression, back pain and IBS. This Drury Lane Clinic are holistic experts and have been well known as the go to salon in Covent Garden since 1986. Ask about the other health and wellbeing services they offer during your visit.

 Say no to back pain

For those who suffer with deep tissue problems in their back, spinal pain or tight muscles then this is the deal for you.  For less than £20 you can have a professional treatment for a one-hour postural massage with a spinal assessment thrown in.  It sounds complicated maybe even painful, but its not.  You’ll simply have a spinal analysis which will flag up those problem area and then undergo some relaxation techniques which will soothe aching or tired muscles.  If you are worried about someone digging into your back muscles, fear not.  These guys are experienced and registered practitioners in using techniques to suit each individual client.  Check out Back to Health Wellness Centres today – appointments for £19 are available at the Ealing, Guildford, Croydon, Sutton or Richmond clinics.

The ultimate treat for your body

If life is getting too much and you are feeling run down, stressed and tired then the prescribe yourself a pampering session with a Signature Ritual. Treat and Revive offer this amazing package which will target all areas of your body leaving you relaxed, glowing and with a fresh burst of energy. This deal is a great steal and pure cheeky indulgence (well, why not!). Over one hour your therapist will wrap you up in a conditioning coconut oil wrap to target the skin, you can then select from a choice of facials then unwind and even fall asleep if you like while having a back and scalp massage. Treat and Revive Spa branches are within Bannatyne’s Health Clubs, with one easily located near Russell Square and the other in Maida Vale. Book for yourself or go with a friend to take advantage of a higher discount.

Be alert for cancer warnings

Eating right and regular exercise will vastly improve your life and be enough to keep you healthy and functioning. Although, sometimes even when you do everything right our bodies can acquire unwanted illnesses and diseases due to other internal and external problems with your body. Stomach cancer can be ignited by cigarette use or pasted on from your parents. How to keep control of cancer and your body? Go for a scheduled visit to cancer experts once every few years to get a check up. E.g. London has one of the best stomach cancer specialists on hand in the form of The LOC.






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