The Fragrance Guide

Unless you have the opportunity to get in and smell every fragrance in the counter it can be difficult to know what you should buy.

You might be asked questions by the shop assistant to try and narrow down which scent would be good for you but even that can be a bit of a hassle. That’s why so many of us tend to stick with a perfume when we find one we like, it saves all this trouble.

To make it a bit easier for you here is a brief guide to fragrances that should help you when choosing and wearing your next purchase.

Have you ever heard people talking about “notes” when it comes to fragrances? Well they just mean the different layers of scent and would include a top, middle and base note to create the ideal blend.

Top Notes

Top notes will be lighter, fresher and the first that you smell. They are quite quick to evaporate and are often the selling point of the scent.

Heart or Middle Notes

After the top note wears off the middle note or heart note will be more noticeable before moving on to the base notes.

Base Notes

The base notes are the longest lasting notes and go to add the depth to your fragrance of choice.

So where should we be spritzing? Well, there are a number of good areas so let’s go through them.

Collarbone & Neck

If you are going to be spritzing your neck or collarbone you will want to do so from a distance of at least 30 centimetres away otherwise you could dry out your skin because of the alcohol content of the perfume.

Behind Your Ears

Spraying behind the ears will help to make the scent last longer. This is because behind the ears and on the side of your neck are pulse points where your blood will make it warmer.


Not many people opt for the hair as it can dry it out but a light spritz 30 centimetres or so away every so often isn’t too bad.


These are also pulse points so it can be beneficial to spray here. Because you also move your arms around in most things that you do it helps to create a light aura of your scent around you.

Backs of the Knees

If the weather is nice and your legs are likely to make n appearance, you might want to consider a spray to the backs of your knees. Soft skin where the veins are close to the surface helps the scent.

Ankles or Feet

Probably not ideal for the winter when you are in 3 pairs of socks and waterproof hiking boots but during the summer your feet and ankles can be a great area that will help your scent follow your movements.


Shopping for a new perfume can always be a bit daunting so knowing that you are saving a bit of money on it will make it a bit easier for you too.

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