The Best Skin Care Tips Part 2

Let Your Skin Breathe

Do you spend hours on the phone? How do you think your skin reacts to being pressed against plastic for that long? Using hands free kits or having your phone on speaker can actually make a bit of a difference and stop your face breaking out.

Omega Fatty Acids

Omega fatty acids can help the skin which is why Mediterranean style diets rich with fish, olive oil and fruits can be good for you.

Watch Your Hair Products

Hair products can be damaging to your skin and dry it out so be careful when applying it and watch out if you get caught in the rain or have been sweating at the gym, taking time to clean your face will help to keep it looking fresh.

Get Your Rest

Making sure you get enough sleep and rest will have a positive reaction on your complexion. When you sleep you give your body the opportunity to repeair damage and recuperate, if you aren’t getting the rest you need you will miss out.

Wear Shades

If you are in the sun quite a lot you might think wearing sun cream is all you need to do. Squinting in the bright sun can lead to crow’s feet at the side of your eyes so investing in a good pair of sunglasses will be well worth it.

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