The Best Skin Care Tips Part 1

Looking good is important to most of us and skin care is a huge part of that. Premature ageing is just one of the side effects to not taking care of your skin properly that will have a negative impact on how we look, beyond that there are also serious health implications to be considered.

Skin care, especially in the sun, can help to protect us from things like skin cancer so it is not all cosmetic benefits when it comes to looking after yourself.

Here are some of the top skincare tips that we have come across by looking around various health and beauty blogs. Adding just one or two of these to your regime may make quite a difference.


One of the best skin care tips you will ever get is to moisturise. Moisturising your skin after you wash in the morning will help to replenish and seal in the moisture that can help you looking younger for longer.

Eat Your Greens

Eating well will always make a difference. Greens like arugula and spinach hold natural antioxidants. Adding a few greens to your diet couldn’t be easier with side salads going with most meals.

Sun Stopper

It is important to protect yourself against the sun’s rays so making sure you use the right factor sun cream and reapply regularly. Using a thicker sun block on scars or stretch marks could help to minimalise their darkening.

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